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Enlightenment Solutions Provides Innovative Strategy to Grow Small Businesses In Search Engines

Enlightenment Business Solutions is one of the fast growing SEO companies in UK & USA which is being constantly providing affordable SEO Services on the globe which makes them one of the most upcoming experienced SEO company in the market. They provide search engine optimisation (SEO) services to many companies in London from small businesses to global clients and what’s more that they don’t charge high fees for attaining great results on search engines.

Enlightenment Business Solutions has qualified SEO experts in the firm, plus their passion for success has made Enlightenment Business Solutions the first choice when selecting an SEO company in UK. Their SEO professional add a new dimension to your business and are able to handle your total requirements, concentrate in SEO, SMO and PPC Management. They also provide Search Consultancy to companies and corporations specific to their requirements, or are available to speak on a variety of topics at conferences directly with Enlightenment business solutions if requested, which gives them a unique personal touch to their SEO strategy and requirements.

Enlightenment Solutions  SEO Company,  have provided search engine optimization, search engine marketing, internet marketing services, pay per click, link building, submissions and social book marketing to their clients in USA, UK.

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Social Media Optimisation Is An Innovative Method For Online Marketing

Over the years the online marketing has become a fast paced, competitive world to live in. As people are using social networking sites more now than ever before it provides a large opportunity for companies to reach their targeted consumers. The term Social Media Optimisation was introduced back in 2006 to tap the new social networking hype created by the Internet. The social networking sites provided a very good means to reach a huge mass of consumer .That eventually gave rise to the need to optimize the content that is presented to them. For the past few years the exponential growth of this area of the Internet with the supremacy of some big players such as Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn boosted the concept of Social Media Optimization. Many people are of the view that Social Media Optimisation will see the end of SEO, but it is better to add a positive note to it and consider SMO to be just another element to a successful online marketing drive. The effects of a well designed and implemented SMO strategy would yield an outstanding SEO benefit. 

The internet marketer who created the term SMO believes that there are some factors that are important in quality Social Media Optimisation such as:
  • Creating applicable content that can  be shared among the customer
  • Continuous communication with/and rewarding your readers
  • Encouraging them to use their thoughts and contents to share with others
This use of optimisation is more than just getting your content out to the world for customers to read, it is also used to maintain an online reputation, build a brand, support customer relationship management and provide other high quality building links back to one website. Facebook has been a major player in the social arena in the last few years. It has grown tremendously since its development and is the most used social media in the world. In terms of Social Media Optimisation, Facebook provides you with the ability to create your own content with your own page and share it with a much targeted selection of consumers that can be segmented easily.

Twitter is a relatively new online socialite but has recently announced to have million users tweeting. This type of medium has associated itself to some extent different to that of Facebook; they have taken the idea of a 'Status Update' and turned into a worldwide communication channel that provides viewers with practically live updates in a multitude of different categories from business to celebrities. In terms of Social Media Optimisation, Twitter allows businesses to gather a following of customers or fans and market to them with relevant up- to date content and links back to the company's website.

Social Media Optimisation campaign can be a very effective means of building your brand. Basic SEM and SEO techniques are important to driving traffic to your business's site, SMO just provides another new and extremely effective strategy that will build brand alertness, two way communications and in turn completely affect the rest of your overall marketing strategy.

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Small Business Marketing Consultants

A small business  marketing  consultant can help you set up a successful business or can provide recommendations on how to improve ROI for your existing business model.

Setting up a small business can be a challenging process in today’s competitive market. 90% of small businesses fail within the first 3 years. The reason is always a lack of revenue. All the marketing material and investment in the world will not help if don’t know how to target your ideal clients – the clients who want what you sell.

You must master all marketing strategies to build a competitive share in the market. It can be a difficult process for a start-up to gather all required information to beat their competitors. This is where the capabilities of small business marketing consultants can be leveraged to understand the target market, gather marketing knowledge and gain a competitive edge.

Small business marketing consultants can help establish your business or provide recommendations to grow your existing business. They are qualified individuals – or even, a team - who have the right expertise to help you understand the target market. They provide comprehensive end to end solutions to promote your product or services. They make your life much simpler by letting you to concentrate on managing your core business model.

The small business marketing consultant can assess the strategy of other businesses that have already created a niche market share and provide a model which will help you establish a successful business. They can come up with strategies to achieve your short term and long term goals for your business to get a strong foothold in the market. They can help you define your goals, something few businesses take the time to do!

Small business marketing consultants will help you in managing your business in all possible ways. The extent of the liability of the business marketing consultant is completely reliant on the agreement with small to medium sized business owner.

Enlightenment Business Solutions have a team of experienced marketing consultants providing expertise on a range of the best internet marketing solutions, as well as brand identity and your ideal clients. They provide internet marketing webinars to help you understand how you can increase website traffic and boost your sales.

And all this for a fraction of the cost of hiring one in   house   consultant. To learn more about small business marketing consultants please visit and please also check their ‘Attract More Clients’ program.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Search Engine Optimisation Techniques To Increase Visibility Of Websites

A page one ranking on Google and other search engines instantly make your business the obvious choice to buy from. Do you look past the first page when doing an Internet search for a product or service? Neither does anyone else. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process that helps business websites to get high visibility on search engines. The primary goal is to help businesses get top position on the search engines and to build their customer base. If you are starting up an online business & trying to get your website ranked high on search engines, it is very important to know how the search engines crawl your site and how to encourage the search engine spiders to index your web pages to the top positions. At Enlightenment Business Solutions, we specialize in search engine optimization for small business owners who don’t have access to the resources and revenue that’s available to the big corporations, and we can cost-effectively show you ways to position your site And with 85% of prospects now shopping online versus offline, having a high SEO ranking adds up to some serious revenue. 

Here are three top Search Engine Optimisation Techniques that can easily get your website ranked high on search engine results
1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – This is the process which helps to rank your website or business organically in search engines. This technique helps to increase the visibility of your website so that more people are aware of your business, products, services and location etc.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) – Pay per Click service is another type of organic SEO where you have to pay either per click or per impression. In this process advertisers typically make a bid on keywords phrases relevant to their target market. 
3. Social Media Optimisation – Social Media Marketing is a process through which your website is made popular on social networking / media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Multiply, Twitter etc. It is a widely used technique to build visibility and generate awareness for your website or business among user groups interested in your business model. 

Apart from these if you want to know more search engine optimisation techniques please visit where we have a free SEO webinar and social media marketing webinar available to give you everything you need to help increase website traffic and boost your sales!

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